SOUL WINNING // The first priority of New Life is Soul Winning. The reason this is so important to us is because it is so important to God. The entire Bible is about the Lamb of God slain for the sins of mankind and the redemption of all people. People receive the Lord at New Life. Bring your friends to church; they will come to Christ.
CHRISTIAN GROWTH & SPIRITUAL MATURITY // After someone comes to the Lord, it’s vital that he/she begins to mature in his/her spiritual walk. The power of Christian growth is expressed as people receive God’s word, pray, attend church and fellowship with God’s people.
HEALING PEOPLES HURTS // Part of the process of Christian Growth is dealing with healing people’s hurts. The world has done injury to us, and we come into the Kingdom wounded. As we receive God’s Word, this healing moves into our wounds and heals us. He pulls the world threads out of the fabric of our lives, and we change from one degree of glory to another. God is in the business of healing our wounds.
CREATING A SAFE PLACE // The Church should be a safe place. The words and actions of the world must continually be put away, and we should reach for some Heaven on Earth. We believe you will find New Life to be a safe place to invest your love, your trust, your family and your future.
EMPOWERING THE FAMILY // New Life is family friendly. We desire to have a relevant message for every area of your family and every challenge of your relationships. We intend to help you and your family succeed.
REACHING THE WORLD // We must always be giving away from ourselves. There are people in our local community and people all around the world who are in great need. New Life is committed to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and breaking the demonic spiral of poverty and defeat. The Lord is good to us, and we will overflow our blessings to others.




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